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General Information

Check Your Beneficiaries
How Do I…?
Paying for Benefits When on Leave
Working Beyond Age 65
When You Lose Benefits Eligibility

Tips for Health, Wealth & Life

Are Your Savings On Track?
Being Sick Is No Fun!
Considering Surgery? ConsumerMedical Poster
Determining a True Emergency
EAP: Support for Life’s Challenges
The Emergency Room Isn’t Always the Answer
Looking to Save on Prescriptions?
Resources for Your Well-Being
Self-Care & Resources for Caregivers
Simple Steps for Stress Relief
3 Key Things to Know About Using Your Preventive Care Benefits
3 Ways to Save More on Medical Care

Employee Briefings

How to Enroll (for Annual Enrollment 2022)
User Guide for Your Benefits Website
Tips for Making Your Tobacco-free Pledge
Making Your Tobacco Election
Verifying Dependents for Coverage
Avoiding the $500 Emergency Room Penalty
Avoiding the $1,000 Surgery Penalty
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
Health Advocate
Health Savings Account (HSA)
Prescription Drug Vendor
Supplemental Health Care Benefits

Health & Welfare

Medical & Prescription Drugs

Transparency in Coverage – Machine Readable Files
ConsumerMedical Flier
Health Care Roadmap: Guide to Your BCBSIL Benefits
Overview of BCBSIL Benefits
Prescription Drug Highlights and Tips

Supplemental Health Care

Critical Illness Plan Overview
Accident Plan Overview
Hospital Indemnity Plan Overview

Dental and Vision

MetLife Dental Overview
EyeMed Benefits Overview
EyeMed Diabetic Benefits Overview
EyeMed Enhanced Benefits Overview

Benefits Through Life Insurance

Life Insurance Can Protect Your Family’s Future
MetLife Infinity Flier
MetLife Travel Assistance Brochure
MetLife VisionAccess Flier
MetLIfe Flier

Voluntary Benefits

WageWorks Commuter Program

Retiring & Leaving LSC

Your Benefits at Retirement
Your Benefits at Separation
Important Information if You Retired on or after October 1, 2016